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More Americans would blame higher health care costs on Trump, poll shows
More Americans would blame…
US news 8 minutes ago
According to an NBC/WSJ poll of 900 respondents, half said they would blame Trump and Republicans for premium increases or reduced coverage compared to the previous administration. Only 37% said they would blame Obama and the Democrats.
Donald Trump Jr. schooled on socialism after Halloween message
US news This morning
The US president’s son tweeted a picture of his three-year-old daughter with her Halloween candy haul, threatening to take half of it away to “teach her about socialism."
Woman accidentally kills 18 over forced marriage, say Pakistan police
Woman accidentally kills 18 over…
World news 1 hour ago
A woman who allegedly tried to kill her husband by giving him poisoned milk ended up killing him and at least 17 other members of his family, police in Pakistan have said. Officers in Punjab province said Asiya Bibi's husband initially failed to drink the milk and it was then turned into a lassi - a South Asian yoghurt drink - and served to the man's family.
Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel take family trick-or-treating to a whole new level
Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel…
Celebrity Yesterday
The celebrity couple took their son Silas trick-or-treating for Halloween and their Toy Story costumes have melted hearts.

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When 58 people were killed in Vegas with no apparent ties to Islamist terrorism, White House rejected policy debate

Kyrie says his research on the flat Earth theory led him to see "there is no real picture of Earth” 🌎

I love this commercial from P&G. I hope the whole world watches it.

This is Harry Pawter. Solemnly swears he’s up to lots of good. Loyal to Grrryffindor. A legend with the wand. 13/9.75 wizardly af

utopia is coming out 24nov. cover by the talented jesse kanda . jupiterian gratitudes to arca for the musicmaking ! hope you like it , björk


Good morning beautiful people... Here's a story about Troy Polamalu ruining my life 😂😂.. Cheers

. on NYC attack: " has been talking about extreme vetting... since he was a candidate."

Warm-ups complete. 10 minutes to kick-off at Wembley!

Lee's Ltd. Ed. Explorer Custom Artisan Outfit available to order worldwide today from an authorised dealer


Not a bad October for 91 and 86, named First and Second Stars of the Month, respectively. Congrats, boys! 📝:



Here's hoping that doesn't pick your team to win Game 7...

The United Nations has called the “a textbook example of ethnic cleansing.” Help now:

GAGA x TUDOR And yes, that’s really me playing. The most important person to dare is yourself.

A small bit that enters a black hole is shot out in a hot gas jet. New clues show how that material can emit light:

It's time to listen to "All I Want For Christmas Is You" on repeat through December 25

Sen. Flake defends Sen. Schumer against President Tump's Twitter attacks

EA SPORTS UFC 3 | Teaser Trailer
Get your first look at EA SPORTS™ UFC 3 on November 3, 2017. Subscribe: http://x.ea.com/40190

The wait is almost over! Get ready for round 3.

Where were you when Ash first met Pikachu? Tweet your earliest Pokémon memories using !

Animal Rescuers Go To Extremes
Credit: Aline Silvana Penzo, Majid Shahen, Henry Gabriel GómezHernández and Remco Van Der Linden via @JukinVideo (https://www.facebook.com/JukinVideo/)

Just a few people who became real heroes after rescuing precious these animals...

Scorpion vs. Cockroach

These two have been locked in a predator-prey relationship since they first emerged millions of years ago

JUST IN: Apple CEO Tim Cook tells exclusively that the U.S. should reform the tax code now.

This print depicts Amaterasu, the Japanese sun goddess, whose decision to hide in a cave plunged the world into darkness

First trick or treat with my bay-bee girl!

For Halloween, I'm going as in INSECURE's Season 2 Episode 6. For so many reasons. Thanks, . Rest in power, Chairman.

SO proud to share this new shoot with @AlasdairMcLellan & . THANK YOU to my dear friend Christopher Bailey & family

Marlon Brando before and after getting his make up done to be Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather

When terrorism has struck us in the past, presidents have brought us together. It’s a shame this president can’t.

Paul: "Maybe we should stop certain countries from sending people here for awhile. It's not like you have a right to move to our country."


Today is special!! 16 years since I’ve made my debut in the best basketball league in the world. Still enjoying like my 1st day!!

The bonus content included with the Call of Duty: WWII Pro Edition is a Call of Duty Endowment Pack.

World Children's Day - a day for children by children
On 20 November children will ‘take over’ business, government and entertainment. You can get involved too! Join David Beckham, Kids United, Sachin Tendulkar, Lego Foundation and many more.

The world is getting ready for 20 November, are you? The countdown has started for

On this day in 1994 the "Wildflowers" album was released (📷: Robert Sebree - photo taken during tour rehearsal)

tell da paparazzi get the lens right. . LEMON is out now! Watch the tutorial

Legendary anime director Hayao Miyazaki is coming out of retirement for a new feature titled, 'How Do You Guys Live?' Are you excited?


..... I’m here! Are you ready?

GAMES > EVERYTHING Found this on my FB memories tab and laughed, quote from my roommate at the time.

The Gucci vintage logo embellish drawstring backpacks featuring two leather handles to allow the style to be worn as a tote.

.: Trump Accuses Clinton of Deliberately Losing Election So He Could Be Impeached.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air featuring Will, Hilary and Carlton.

In case you missed it - photos by Robert Trachtenberg from shoot. Story here: